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Walker Basket

Convenient storage space for shopping, traveling and everyday use. Gray, vinyl-coated wire basket with snap hooks mounts onto the inside or outside of most regular and folding walkers. Dimensions: 18" L x 6" D x 5.2" W x 9 1/2" H.

Vitality Medical
Walker Glide

Designed for use on the rear of a wheeled walker. Help increase maneuverability of the walker by allowing rear legs to glide while pushing. Available in two sizes.

Vitality Medical
Walker Pouch

Has big inside and outside pockets for generous storage space. Pouch attaches over crossbar with Velcro closures and stays attached, even when the walker is folded. Waterproof nylon pouch has zippered pockets to secure personal items. Mildew and rot-resistant with urethane-coated back. Holds up to 5 lbs. Washable. Forest Green with Blue pocket. One-year limited warranty.

Vitality Medical
Wallet Organizer

Durable case features Safe-Store Insulin Tray, two clear pockets and meter compartment to organize supplies for the day. Insulin Tray holds and protects insulin vials and pre-drawn syringes in preset position; accommodates either three syringes, or two syringes and two insulin vials. Includes one Med Ice refreezable mini ice pack. Lasts 4 hours.

Vitality Medical
Wal-Pil-O The Best Rest Neck Pillow

4-in-1 anatomical design helps relieve discomfort from tension headaches and arthritic disorders of the neck, while reducing nocturnal and early morning pain. Properly supports and aligns the head and neck while lying on the back or side. Full-size, rectangular, therapeutic pillow fits standard pillowcase. Size 25 x 15 x 4", Recommend one with every sale of a cervical collar.

Vitality Medical
Wander Alarm

Attach alarm unit to door frame and place the signal unit in the door jam. Alarm is activated when the door is opened. Loud enough to be heard anywhere in the home. Requires 9V battery (not included).

Vitality Medical
Warm Steam Vaporizer

12 hour running time. Medicine cup and safety key-lock design to prevent shock hazard. Base glows in the dark for safety. 14"D x 14"W x 7"H. 2-year limited warranty.

Vitality Medical
Water Fountains

Various decorative water fountains and waterfalls.

Water Purifiers

Biozone water purifiers cleanse, and remove impurities from water.

Waterproof Adhering tape Strips

Waterproof Adhering tape Strips

Waterproof Mealtime Protectors

Attractive, dignified clothing protection. 100% brushed cotton front with full size impermeable backing protects from spills. Velcro closure in back. Washable.

Vitality Medical
Waterproof Slip

Be protected against embarrassing leaks! This 100% nylon half slip has the appearance of a regular slip with a discreet waterproof back panel. A soft absorbent cotton blend layer lies next to your skin for comfort. Unique lace hem can be trimmed to three lengths: 20 - 24". Machine wash and dry. Small and XLarge available by special order.

Vitality Medical
Welch-Allyn Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope

In hard case. Includes: ophthalmoscope (11710), otoscope (20000) and handle (71000). 1-year warranty with Halogen rechargeable light.

Vitality Medical
Wet Call Bed Wetting Control Device

Moisture-sensing bed pad attached to a miniaturized alarm box offers an effective way to stop bed wetting. Simply place pad underneath dry bed sheet with moisture sensor strips facing upward. Alarm will sound as moisture touches pad. Pad is 20 x 26"; alarm box is 2 x 5". Includes 66" electrical cord for entire unit and 9 volt battery for alarm box.

Vitality Medical
Wheel Chair Accessories

Wheelchairs-Scooters-Subcategory: Direct link to "Accessories"

Vitality Medical
Wheel Chair Accessories


A-Med Health Care Ctr
Wheelchair Caddy

Three deep wells hold beverage, food, pen, or pencil, notebook or glasses. Caddy mounts on left- or right-hand side of any wheelchair arm and swings out of the way for easy transfer. 3(1/2)" diameter recessed drink compartment keeps bottles, cans and cups with handles securely in place. 6(3/4)"L x 3(3/4)"W x 3(3/8)"D accessory holder carries other personal items. Pen/pencil well keeps writing instruments near at hand. Includes a 12 oz. beverage mug with no-spill top. Includes mounting hardware and instructions. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 12"L x 7"w x 3(1/2)"H

Vitality Medical
Wheelchair Tray

Clear, acrylic tray provides a hard surface for eating, writing, reading or other activities. Universal size fits all standard 16" - 20"W wheelchairs with standard arms. Attaches easily with Velcro straps. 23"W x 19"D x (1/4)" thick.

Vitality Medical
Wheelchair, Used

Used wheelchair in good condition. Dimensions.

Wheelchairs & Scooters

Wheelchairs-Scooters-Subcategory: Direct link to "Wheelchairs & Scooters"

Vitality Medical

Wheelchairs-Scooters-Main Category: Direct link to "Wheelchairs-Scooters"

Vitality Medical
Whisper Cool Mist Humidifier

Delivers quiet, steady flow of ultra-fine mist. Base glows in the dark for safety. Features self lubricating motor, with safety thermostat. Easy-to-fill and clean reservoir. 24-hour run time. 14"D x 14"W x 7"H. 2-year limited warranty.

Vitality Medical
White Latex Finger Cots

Rolled and pre-powdered. Super thin for excellent sensitivity.

Vitality Medical
White Paper - Fund Raising

A complementary copy of a white paper prepared by Warrick & Associates. "The Entrepreneur/Investor Mating Game" describes the players before the game begins. Click on "B"(7 pages)

Warrick & Associates
White Paper - How long should a business plan be?

Complementary copy of comments on the classic argument. (7 pages)

Warrick & Associates
White Paper - Internet Predictions

A complementary copy of a white paper published by Warrick & Associates with comments about the future of the Internet dated May 99. (15 pages)

Warrick & Associates
wilshire test product


2121 Wilshire Outpatient
Wings Choice Adult Briefs

Extra soft, breathable stay-dry facing enhances patient comfort. Moisture-proof backing and elastic leg gathers provide superior protection. Wetness indicator and refastenable tape tabs. Contains Poly-Fresh super absorbent polymer for extra dryness and odor control. Contoured Briefs, Narrow Mat, for moderate incontinence.

Vitality Medical
Wings Choice Plus Adult Brief

Padded brief for greater comfort and absorbency. Contoured with full absorbent mat designed for persons restricted by total incontinence, with leg gathers for superior fit and containment. Poly-Fresh polymer liner for maximum absorbency. Extra soft, stay-dry facing and moisture-proof backing enhance patient comfort. Extra strong, one-piece tape tabs provide secure fit. Wetness indicator. For heavy incontinence.

Vitality Medical
Wings Classic Adult Brief with Full Fit Design

Provides complete coverage and maximum absorbency. Breathable topsheet, Poly-Fresh super absorbent polymers, wetness indicator, extra fluff in wing areas and odor reducing agent. For heavy incontinence.

Vitality Medical
Wipes & Deodorizers

Incontinence-Subcategory: Direct link to "Wipes & Deoderizers"

Vitality Medical
Wireless Call Button

Allows individual confined to bed or wheelchair in the home to call for help. Receiver may be plugged into any wall outlet and moved from room to room. Push button transmitter sends a pleasant chime signal which can be heard from up to 100 feet away.

Vitality Medical
Women's Casual Knee-High Support Socks, 8 15 mmhg

Stylish for business or casual wear. Mild compression improves circulation and reduces swelling. Heel pocket and bubble toe ensure perfect, roomy fit. Nylon and acrylic blend wicks away moisture. Order by shoe size. (Also available in small). Latex-free. 1 pair.

Vitality Medical
Women's UltraSheer Support Knee-hi Stock 8-15 mmHg

Gradient support helps tired , aching legs. Run-resistant design features a soft comfortable knee band and sandalfoot styling. Order by shoe size. Latex-free. 1 pair. (Mocha also available)

Vitality Medical
Wonder-Spur Soft Silicone Heel Cup

For heel spurs, plantar fascitis, knee and back pain, Haglund heel. Duo-density, medical-grade silicone ensures support and shock absorption. Softer silicone dots cushion sensitive areas. Lower profile thickness (4mm) offers patient comfort. 1-year warranty.

Vitality Medical
Wound and Skin Care


A-Med Health Care Ctr
Wound Care

Wound Care-Main Category: Direct link to "Wound Care"

Vitality Medical
Wound Drainage Collector

Wound drainage collector for seaping wounds.

Vitality Medical
Wound Manager Drain Pouch with Skin Barrier

Wound Manager Drain Pouch with Skin Barrier

Vitality Medical
Wound Wash Saline

A sterile saline solution (0.9%) for flushing and cleansing superficial wounds. Convenient, effective and easy to use-just point and spray. Unique 360f dispensing allows can to be held in any position. No syringes, needles, bottles of saline or transfer cups needed. Environmentally friendly and preservative-free. No prescription necessary.

Vitality Medical
WOUNDRES Collagen Hydrogel

Provides a balance between absorption of low to moderate exudate and the release of moisture to rehydrate a dry wound.

Vitality Medical
Wright Prefilled Syringe Case

Pen-size case offers convenient transport of prefilled syringes; fits in pocket or purse. Interior safely holds syringe plunger in individuals preset position with approximate dosage. Holds most E-Z Ject, B-D, PharmaPlast and TERUMO syringes (not compatible with Monoject syringes). Contents: two impact-resistant, polypropylene cases (1 black, 1 white).

Vitality Medical
Wrist and Ankle Weights

Vinyl with foam backing. 18-22" Velcro straps. Color coded. Not sold in pairs. Product can be used for wrist or ankle.

Vitality Medical
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Base

Completely automatic desktop unit takes the guesswork out of blood pressure measurement. Smart-Logic technology measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse at the wrist, determining the ideal inflation level. Automatic inflation and deflation. 2-person/14 reading or 1-person/28 reading memory. Auto-power off conserves battery life. Compact design with built-in clock/calendar. Accurate to +/- 3 mmHg. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Gray cuff. 2-year limited warranty.

Vitality Medical
Wrist Support with Tension Strap

Duo-tension elastic for compression, 4" tension strap with plastic insert and hook-and-loop closure. Useful for carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains and fatigue. Offers stability with flexibility. Size: measure width of palm from base of thumb.

Vitality Medical
Wrist Wrap

Premium quality neoprene retains body heat while helping to compress the injured area. Exclusive Magnetic Wave design with bi-polar magnets. Enhances relief of pain and improves blood flow. Comfortable, lightweight design. Convenient hook and loop closures. 90 day limited warranty.

Vitality Medical

Braces Splints Supports-Subcategory: Direct link to " Elbw-Wrist-Hand-Fngr

Vitality Medical

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